Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Somali Youth Project 11th-19th November

SDG presents: Somali Culture

Bristol’s second largest ethnic group is Somalian. Many are refugees, or have come from traumatic experiences. There is a clear lack of understanding for Somali culture within the city and this exhibition aims to raise awareness as well as educate Bristolians about these people. The exhibit is hosted by local non-profit organisation; Somali development group, whom work with young Somali’s at risk of offending.

The exhibit will feature a bit about what we do and why we’re needed, as well as a display of photography, and media created by Somali youth, with a focus on the similarities our homelands share and thing could learn from each others differences. There are big issues affecting many Somali people which can have very negative effects on their behaviour. We want to encourage the public to ask themselves how they can make a step towards better social integration to such a different culture, and to think differently about how we view and treat other ethnic minorities. Rather to embrace their interesting perspectives on life, and humble ourselves with more respect for the many struggles they often face, than to create obstacles in their paths.

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