Thursday, 25 June 2009

Fri 3rd - Sat 11th JULY. Sam Marsh: WE ALL WANT THE SWAMP

Drawing on, recycling and developing past and present imagery, from modern media to B-Movies, music and much literature these works are half amusing social comment, half material homage but all painting.

The work gains its identity when the interaction between these sources and my brush work comes together in my working space. Self imposed limitations such as working in series of 8 or more at a time, on set sizes, allows me to realise one vision into lots of outcomes. This partly pays homage to the format of a book but more importantly allows me a freedom to be spontaneous and immediate with the decisions I make in the painting process believing that the first solution is more often the right one.

Reacting to a starting point, such as a collaged image from a magazine or the relationship between two colours, the painting process evolves with more traditional devises in mind such as the history of image making in painting and the drive to exploit the potential painting will always enjoy. Today there is a huge amount of readily available imagery and information and so young curious artists can feel under great pressure to take in as much as they can and attempt to make fresh sense of it all. This is best realised in my work through the use of collage in the painting process as an element of both picture aesthetic and a means to add content.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

145 - Briefing for a Descent into Hell: open doors Sat 13th of June (continues until 27th of June)


Briefing for a Descent into Hell

June 13-27 Emporium, Bristol

The title for this show is taken from the Doris Lessing book ‘Briefing for a Descent into Hell’, as this seems to fit with the shows original theme of Babylon and the Garden of Eden, which can be interpreted in many ways, for instance; original sin, death, religion, love, the search for meaning, purpose and happiness.

Please come along to the opening on Saturday the 13th & submit any work you like for the show,

There will be live music and makings going on all day and into the night on the 13th, and also there will be other events planned for during the opening period (tbc)

Below, for those who do not know us is a blurb about us and what we do.

We are an ever expanding collective of artists based in Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and London that work under the moniker 145. We believe that art should be about collaboration and community rather than the search for audience and applause, and our work echoes this ethos.

Our exhibitions are site specific, and encourage interactivity and involvement from our audience; they are open to anyone to come along and get involved in, we hope to encourage skill sharing and participation amongst all audience members. Our shows are a combination of paintings, drawings, writing, sculpture, makings. We are a not for profit collective.

For more information please visit-