Saturday, 22 August 2009

People for Places during Co-Mutiny

As part of Co-Mutiny and the Emporium at the Emporium Exhibition, People for Places have been invited to install part of their huge estate agency in the space.

Obviously due to the massive pressures of timeframes, workschedules, micro-management, macro-economics, and other superfluous office related activities they cannot offer a complete service, BUT THEY WILL BE THERE WITH A SMILE TO CATER FOR YOUR (SELF-)HOUSING NEEDS!

People for Places: Housing for people, not for profit.

For info On Co-Mutiny!:

Co-Mutiny Site

Monday, 17 August 2009

Bristol Solidarity with Calais FILM AND INFO NIGHT Thursday 20th of August 7.30PM!

Info sharing night on the situation of migrants and resistance to the border regime in Calais.
Thursday 20th of August, 7.30pm.

In Calais, France just 20 miles from this island, around 1500 people live in makeshift refugee camps known as “the jungle”, they are there because of the UK border regime.

“The jungles” and squats around Calais are self organised communities that have existed since the closure of Sangatte, the official refugee camp, in 2002.

The residents of these camps face brutal daily gas and baton attacks by the police. At the request of the UK Border Agency, the French government has pledged to destroy “the jungle” by Christmas.

People from Bristol “with papers” went to the No Border solidarity camp in June and have been involved in ongoing monitoring and drawing attention to the humanitarian crisis that has been created in Calais. Solidarity demonstrations and direct actions have taken place in both Bristol, Calais and elsewhere.

Bristol NoBorders is working closely with both humanitarian and political groups and invites you to help create an effective transnational resistance.

You are invited to a film and experience sharing night
20th August at 19.30 at the Emporium, 37 Stokes Croft, Bristol.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Anecdotes opens Friday 7th of August

Anecdotes: : Adventures in the Sky, on Land and Under Seas

Tom Groves, Olia Karamenova, Tom Stuart and John Weall

Private View: 7pm 7th August

Open as usual: 11am-7pm, 8-16th August

This exhibition is a celebration of the works of four artists who met, grew and matured artistically in Bristol. Having formed a close friendship and greatly influenced each others work during the development of our practice, this will be a flourish of fictional fun.

The Emporium gallery has exhibited a variety of local artists since it opened its doors in December 2008. The attraction of the place is not only the works, but the idea behind the gallery and the actual space too. Set up in a disused building, the simple d├ęcor and the non-profit nature of all the exhibitions held within reflect the vibrancy of the Bristol area and arts scene.

We hope that in turn our exhibition captures this vibrancy and shows something of the fun side to Bristol arts; we would like to invite you to our private view on the 7th of August 2009 at 7pm.