Tuesday, 22 September 2009

GREAT BIRDS OF THE BRITISH ISLES from 26th of Sept till 8th of Oct. Opens Friday 25th of Sept 6pm

Milk, K148, Dora and Amour bring their all female collective,
Great Birds of the British Isles to Bristol.

Following their debut London Exhibition, showcasing soft
summer designs spilling around the light infused gallery.
The Great Birds are now plotting an electric show with
Dynamic forms, Sensual ladies and Striking photography
seeping from wall to floor, canvas to print.

Their Graffiti backgrounds are kept apparent whilst their
femininity flows throughout.

The combination of the two create an epic approach to
Gallery design.

The clouds are parting, the Birds are coming.


The ''Great Birds of the British isles'' is an exciting collaboration of Bristol's underground female artists, featuring works by Dora, Milk, Amour and K148.

Milk has worked alongside some of the top graffiti artists to date, and is one of the most prominent female artists on the scene. Blending bold letter forms and solid colours with organic patterns and solitary characters, she creams together a feast for many an eye with a fresh feminine style on an ample scale.

Dora has broken into the Bristol art scene within the last few years and is one of the new and few female faces amongst the urban art scene. She brings a fresh feminine style, her distinctive ladies and stylish patterns take on the boy heavy walls of the streets and galleries and bring a refreshing look to contemporary urban art.

Amour's inspiration is mostly drawn from nature she uses abstract overlays to create tension and contrast. She works on all scales, with preference for large scale screen prints usually on silk. Amour has recently collaborated with Ponk and other well known Bristol Graffiti artists, her imagery often stemming from urban inspirations.

K148 ''Must dissolve and combine an alchemy of the mind i swear those pieces floated their way onto the walls hardly resting on the masonry at all'' k148 has been on the scene capturing and collating some of Bristol's finest moments with effortless beauty she is one of the most exciting female photographers around.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Emporium @ the Emporium 14th-19th Sept!

Emporium @ the Emporium
14th – 19th of September 2009

Doors open 12-7pm daily
37 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3PY

It’s a year since the Emporium collective opened and began running this reclaimed space. Having sat derelict for over 25 years it is now a not-for-profit community gallery.

To celebrate this and as part of Bristol Co-Mutiny, the instigators are now putting on their own show, alongside guest artists, including: Andy Council, Tim Floyd, Reginald Falcon, Studio Amour, Sam Marsh, Lulu, Wendy Wainwright, Gary Powell, Mike Powell, Lucy Cavendish, Sven Zimviction, Rowdy, Tom Groves and Billy Macrae.

People for Places – the squat estate agency – have also promised a team of super-friendly housing advisors whose installation will display just some of their extensive Bristolian portfolio of empty buildings.

Expect a multi-medium show, with paint, sculpture, video, photography and print.

Contact: emporium37@googlemail.com
Info on Co-Mutiny: COMUTINY SITE


Tom Groves

(Displaced Bank Manager, Rowdy 2009)

(Gotharaptor, Andy Council)

(Tyrannogothus, Andy Council)

Part of Bristol Co-Mutiny