Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Wednesday 28th October from 7pm BETTY BRUISER

Nightshift #4

Work in Progress

On Wednesday 28th October from 7pm I will be presenting two very different pieces of work in progress at the Emporium

Pink Roses for Love

A durational piece exploring grief, iconography and the vulnerable Body in performance. This piece will run for two hours during which the audience can come and go as they wish

Betty Bruiser in ‘Organ Donor Betty’

Needle lovin’ Betty invites you to join her at her bedside as she Gets Sick! This organ donor gets messy as Betty loses her heart to her audience and seeks Medical Attention.

The pieces will be shown later this year at separate events and exist in an as yet unfinished state. I have chosen to present them together as they represent an important duality in my performance investigations at the moment. Both pieces use piercing the skin as metaphor.

This is a free event but due to limited space please email me at lgclarke@hotmail.com

if you would like to attend.

The Emporium is a not-for-profit organisation and an ongoing community based project.




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